They go where few have gone before – higher, further and deeper – in their daring quest for adventure. Get up close with our Trailblazers who rely on mPowerpad solar chargers to power their expeditions.

All charged up on Aconcagua – the highest mountain outside of Asia


Kurt Wedberg is the founder of Sierra Mountaineering International Inc  – a mountaineering guide service that has led trips in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains and other high peaks around the world. With over 30 years of mountaineering experience in the Sierra, Kurt has guided more than 100 expeditions in all seven continents.

Bringing portable electronics on trips has become standard for Kurt and his team and these include GPS watches, satellite communication devices, digital cameras, portable music devices and speakers.

For several months, Kurt has been using mPowerpad 2 Pro solar charger to charge his and his clients’ devices on many multi-day backcountry trips in the Sierra Nevada. Recently, he felt confident enough to take along mPowerpad 2 Pro while guiding a two-week expedition to Aconcagua located in the Andes mountain range near the Chilean border. Standing at 6,962m (22,841 feet), it is the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia.

“It was easy to leave mPowerpad 2 Pro outside our camps to soak up the sun in the daytime. At night inside my tent, I plugged in my devices and within an hour, they were completely charged,” said Kurt. These included a Suunto Ambit3 GPS watch, a Delorme inReach satellite communicator and an Apple iPod.

Kurt added, “Not only did mPowerpad 2 charge our devices quickly and efficiently every time, it is also easy to use. It charges two USB devices at once and with the detachable portable battery pack, it even charges a third. The solar charger is also lightweight which means carrying it in my pack has been a breeze.”

After the Aconcagua experience, Kurt recommends mPowerpad 2 solar charger to anyone looking for a charging solution for use in remote places, anywhere in the world.


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