Smart Solutions


Pay – As – You – Go (PAYG)

Solar Home Systems are good solutions for off grid consumers who need lights, fan and power to charge their phones. However, lack of reliable power supply to remote/rural areas (about 1.5 Billion people) in emerging geographies makes this solution unaffordable for most as an outright purchase.
Third Wave Power’s Pay- As – You – Go Solar Home System has a small upfront acquisition cost, reducing financial risk and improving solar penetration. We make the solution work with existing mobile money payment systems and make it easy to implement by distributors and increases ease of adoption.
It is a cheaper and environmental friendly option for customers in comparison to a Kerosene Lamp. The system can also be upgraded as needed.


Smart Agriculture

Third Wave Power identifies and works with Partners in the Urban Farming area to be self sufficient on agriculture at the ame time maximizing yield from the farm. We provide IoT solutins to monitor parameters such as the pH & EC of the water & nutrients, and the micro-climate parameters real – time and actuate changes to improve productivity.
Our solution enables our customers to create more, with an optimal environment for better plantation and productivity. Accuracy and predictability of results can also be improved through Data Mining.


Smart Street Lights

High infrastructural costs for grids, ongoing operational costs and lack of street lighting in emerging economies has always been a problem.
Despite an exponential growth of Solar LED street lights, a large chunk is still not all in one Integrated, solar street lights leading to higher costs and maintenance.
Third Wave Power provides and all in one integrated solution with capabilities to add smartness in many dimensions. We provide the ability to add alarms for intruder/traffic warnings, push notifications from the cloud and the ability to monitor and troubleshoot remotely.
An all integrated solution allows us to provide the customer with lower costs and lower maintenance intervention solutions. Smart capabilities allow customers to monitor, troubleshoot, meter and actuate solutions from the cloud.


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