Reaching new heights in the Himalayan mountains

Friday, March 14th, 2014


In December 2013, Rizalde Calija and four other climbing enthusiasts – who formed Team X-Boundaries – embarked on a three week climbing expedition to the Himalayan mountains in Nepal. The trip included a 10-day climb up the 5700m high Yala Peak followed by an 8-day ascent to the 6000m Pisang Peak.

As packing light is essential for any mountaineer, the team carefully selected the items to include in their backpacks. Besides layered warm clothing, communication and navigation devices, power cords and cables, they also took along a unit of 11,600 mAh mPowerpad 2 Pro solar charger – which comes with a removable mPowerpack battery pack – with sufficient battery capacity to charge up to seven smartphones.

Up in the mountains by day, mPowerpad 2 charged up fast under the sun – working well at high altitudes and under freezing temperatures – before it was used to charge the climbers’ various devices. By night, the charger’s built-in lights came in handy for reading, while its radio kept them tuned in.

“As mountaineers, we need a reliable solar charger that can power our phones, cameras, GPS device, radios and other essential equipment. mPowerpad 2 Pro served our needs well. We are always on the go but with it, can stay connected to the world even where there was no power supply. mPowerpad 2 is not only versatile but also durable and proven to work effectively in freezing temperatures,” said Rizalde.

What the team also found useful was the removable mPowerpack pocket battery pack which they could remove and carry along when making ascents to higher altitudes.

After a successful outing, Team X-Boundaries has plans to bring mPowerpad 2 solar charger on more climbing expeditions in the future.


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