Solar Wall Lights

These are integrated solar lighting solutions that are ready to install and plug n play, no set up required. Each solution consists of bright LED bulbs, lithium battery that is rechargeable and can power the bulbs for a full night operation, solar panel to charge the battery during the day. The solutions come built in with light sensors to turn on at sunrise and turn off at sunset. The motion sensor in addition can turn down the brightness of the lights. The solutions are outdoor ready, being weather proof.

Solar wall light 2600

Solar wall light 2600 Is a perfect device for remote locations where wiring and trenching are to be avoided or too expensive. Solar wall light 2600 is an easy plug-n-play consumer/industrial solar lightings solution which you can find. Light up pathways, peripheral walls of homes, factory walkways using our solar wall light 1800 for maximum energy efficiency and performance.

Solar wall light 2600 features an integrated design that is not only cost-effective but provides outstanding performance and reliability. It combines a highly efficient solar panel which is connected to a high capacity lithium-ion battery and super bright LED light source.

Solar wall light 2600 is extremely versatile, robust and is perfect for all weather conditions as it captures maximum energy from the sun and doesn’t require mains power.

  • Comes with high brightness LED lights
  • High efficiency solar panel, charges the lithium batteries for all night operation

  • Long distance (10m) sensor motion to turn on light when dark
  • Weather proof, air hole prevents vapor from condensation on the internal surface

Key Specifications:
LED : High brightness LED lights, 380 lumens
Solar panel : 22% efficiency monocrystalline panel
Battery : 3.7V, 2600 mAH Lithium battery
Installation : Easy to fix on the wall, screws and screw holes provide
Size/weight : 200 x 80 x 120 mm, 365 g


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