News release: Introducing mPowerpad 2 – The world’s most versatile solar charger

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

The latest version of mPowerpad solar charger is ultra fast, expandable and features a unique removable pocket battery pack.

Singapore, 13 November 2013 – Singapore-based company Third Wave Power Pte Ltd today announced the launch of mPowerpad 2 – its latest and most advanced addition to its mPowerpad range of portable multi-function solar chargers.

The new mPowerpad 2 solar charger charges fast – both from the sun and to devices that are plugged into it. With a battery capacity that is expandable from 3300 mAh to 11600 mAh, it can charge a smartphone up to 8 times*. It also features a pocket battery pack called mPowerpack that can be docked and removed from the main unit, as well as built-in radio, light and insect repellent. Weighing just 500g, mPowerpad 2 is half the weight and 40% thinner compared to the previous version – making it a highly portable and sustainable source of energy for users constantly on the move, within and without the power grid.

“Based on users’ feedback on the first mPowerpad, especially in terms of performance and portability, we went back to the drawing board and radically changed its design. Typically, solar chargers have a trade-off between charging speed and portability, but with the innovative mPowerpad 2, you get the best of both worlds. On the outside, it is lighter, slimmer and ultra portable. On the inside, it is faster, expandable and extremely versatile,” said Lim Chuin Kiat, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Third Wave Power.

What makes mPowerpad 2 truly unique and portable is the introduction of mPowerpack – a detachable battery pack that can be docked, charged, removed and carried around in one’s pocket or bag. mPowerpack not only supplies ready power on the go, it also provides users the flexibility to add more charging power as and when it is needed.

mPowerpad 2’s 5.4W solar panel captures solar energy really fast – just over an hour under the sun** harnesses sufficient energy to charge a smartphone. The fast charge capability also applies to charging smartphones, tablets and many other USB devices – once plugged in, mPowerpad 2 charges them as quickly as charging from the wall socket.

Designed for rugged outdoor use, mPowerpad 2 has an outer shell made of sturdy high-strength plastic and sealed by a silicone gasket and grommets, making it water- and dust- resistant. It also features fixture points that can be attached to bicycle or car mounts. In addition, the built-in multi-function features such as a reading light, flashlight, SOS signal (in Morse code), FM radio and ultrasonic insect repellent make the mPowerpad 2 an indispensable companion.

For home/urban users, outdoor enthusiasts as well as field professionals, mPowerpad 2 provides eco-friendly back-up power and more in a lightweight, portable package. Users can even leave the mPowerpad 2 to continue charging at a base location (e.g. home backyard, office window, car dashboard, campsite, boat deck, etc.) while carrying the detachable mPowerpack around for daily activities or work. In emergency situations where power is disrupted, the mPowerpad 2 can also provide home owners with essential back-up power, radio, light and SOS signal.

“With our increasingly heavy use of mobile devices, battery capacities are struggling to keep up, and there’s a growing demand for portable power both on and off the grid. mPowerpad 2 solar charger is here to meet those needs. Based on the positive reactions from retailers, we believe that this product can make solar charging relevant and useful not just to outdoor and field users, but also to the mainstream consumer.” said VS Hariharan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Third Wave Power.

The company recently won the Green Technology Award at the Singapore Sustainability Awards 2013 which recognises organisations for their outstanding sustainable business practices and innovative green technology solutions. The new mPowerpad 2 was also an award winner of ‘Fresh: A First Look at New Technology’ at DISTREE APAC 2013 which honours innovative new technology products.

* Using mPowerpad Pro
** Charge times may depend on weather conditions.

mPowerpad 2 and mPowerpack models:
mPowerpad 2 Lite: 3300 mAh, charger, reading light, flashlight SOS
mPowerpad 2 Plus: 6600 mAh, charger, reading light, flashlight SOS
mPowerpad 2 Ultra: 3300 mAh + 2500 mAh pocket battery pack, charger, reading light, flashlight SOS, FM radio, ultrasonic insect repellant
mPowerpad 2 Pro: 6600 mAh + 5000 mAh pocket battery pack, charger, reading light, flashlight SOS, FM radio, ultrasonic insect repellant
mPowerpack 25: 2500 mAh, flashlight
mPowerpack 50: 5000 mAh, flashlight

mPowerpad 2 solar chargers are now available at retailers in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand at a recommended retail price starting from US$129. Prices for mPowerpack start from US$59. Worldwide availability will be announced at a later date. For more information and the distributor list, visit


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