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What devices can mPowerpad solar chargers charge?

Mobile/smart phones, tablets, digital cameras (non SLR), GPS devices, MP3 players and other USB devices. To charge laptops and devices with different voltages such as 9V, 12V, 16V, you are advised to use mPowerpack laptop charger.

Will mPowerpad solar chargers charge in rainy or cloudy weather conditions?

The speed of charging largely depends on the intensity of the sun’s rays. Hence the chargers require bright sunlight to charge at optimum rates. However they will continue to charge under cloudy weather conditions although the speed of charging will be slower.

Can mPowerpad solar chargers charge my devices while it charges from the sun or wall?


How many devices can I charge at once?

Tuff, Mini, Go, C25 and C50 can charge one device at a time. Lite, Xplore and Pro can charge two devices at the same time.

When I plug in my iPhone/iPad, why does a message appear to say ‘This device is not supported’?

This happens when there is insufficient power in the solar charger to charge devices or the device’s USB cable is faulty. Recharge the charger under the sun or from the wall socket or change the USB cable. Some of the newer smartphones such as iPhone 6 may show ‘not charging’ even though they may continue to charge. This is due to the manufacturer’s software design.

Can I place the solar charger by the window to charge?

Yes, the solar charger charges under direct sunlight. However, if your window is installed with a solar film protector, it will slow down the charging time or in some cases, stop charging.

Why does the solar charger not charge fully after placing it under the sun?

Ensure that the solar charger is placed under the sun for a sufficient period of time for charging (check user guide for charge times).

What power adaptors work with mPowerpad solar chargers?

A standard USB-to-micro-USB cable is provided in the box – this can be connected with any standard USB adaptor. For best results, purchase the power adaptor from Third Wave Power, or a good quality adaptor with a 5V/2A output specification.

Can I charge a notebook computer using mPowerpad solar chargers?

A notebook computer typically requires a higher voltage and current – more than what mPowerpad solar chargers are designed to provide. We recommend that you purchase the mPowerpack laptop charger instead.


How do I read the battery level indicator?

The battery level indicator for each product and reading instructions are provided in the respective user guides. The battery indicator is accurate in most situations. However, when a device such as a phone, tablet or mPowerpack battery pack is plugged into or removed from mPowerpad solar charger, the sudden load increase/decrease can result in fluctuations in the battery level indicator.

What is the maximum capacity I can extract from the fully charged batteries of the solar or battery chargers?

Take the battery capacity of the product and divide it by the capacity of the device you are charging. Make allowance for some loss in efficiency during the charging process.

How long will a fully charged mPowerpad solar charger last if it is left unused?

Under normal conditions – and when fully charged – the internal batteries will self- discharge completely between 60–180 days depending on the mPowerpad model. However, we recommend that you charge the product under the sun or from the wall socket once every 30-45 days so as to maintain the batteries in good condition and to ensure that there is power when you need it.

How long will the internal batteries last?

The lithium polymer batteries should last a total of 300 charge cycles. Beyond this, you can continue to use the battery, but the capacity you get may be reduced.


Can mPowerpad withstand rainwater?

All solar chargers from Third Wave Power are designed to be water- and dust-resistant. Under light rain, the rubber/plastic grommets will help prevent water from seeping into the device. However if the solar chargers get submerged in water during a heavy downpour, there is a risk of damaging the device.


What kind of temperatures can the solar charger be used in?

The batteries used in the solar chargers are lithium polymer batteries with an effective operating temperature range of 0–60°C (or 32–140°F). The solar charger can be stored in temperatures ranging from 0–45°C (or 32–113°F) when not in use.


Do the USB ports have any other functions?

The USB ports are used for charging digital devices or as a power source. The micro USB input ports are used for charging the solar charger.

Specific to mPowerpad 2 Mini and Go solar chargers

How come there’s no on/off button on Mini and Go solar chargers? How then do I switch them off?

These solar chargers automatically start charging when placed in the sun or plugged into the wall or USB. They will also automatically start charging a device once it is connected. When there is no activity, the solar chargers go into sleep mode so there’s no need to manually switch them off.

Specific to mPowerpad 2 Lite, Xplore and Pro solar chargers


When the solar charger is charging from the wall or sun, how come I don’t see any activity after the first 15s?

During the first 15s, you will see the battery level indicator lighting up. After that, the device goes into power save mode to conserve energy for subsequent charges.

Can I dock a third party battery pack into Lite, Xplore or Pro solar charger for charging?

No, only mPowerpacks 25 or 50 can be docked into these solar chargers for charging.


How does the insect repellent work?

The ultrasonic insect repellent emits a range of frequencies (beyond a range audible to adult humans) that keeps insects away.

Does the radio’s volume control also control the insect repellent output?

The insect repellent range is pre-set and the radio’s volume control has no effect on it.


How come there is no sound emission when the radio function is activated?

Check if the volume has been adjusted or try to seek another radio station. Ensure you are not in a place where there is interference such as inside a building, lift or car park.

Why I am not able to locate a radio station when I use the seek function?

If the radio signal is weak at your location, you may not be able to tune in to a radio station. Move to an outdoor location or somewhere else where the signal is stronger.

What frequencies does the FM radio support?

64.0 Mhz – 108.0 Mhz

What sound quality will I receive from the earphone jack?

Mono sound quality.


Can the solar charger be left on the car dashboard under the sun?

It can certainly be left to charge under direct sunlight while on the car dashboard. Its polycarbonate casing is designed to withstand high temperature environments. Due to the greenhouse effect, temperatures within an enclosed, stationary car can rise to very high levels. As the solar charger uses intelligent algorithms to optimise charging based on a range of factors (temperature included), this enables it to charge at maximum speeds where possible, while remaining safe to use. Keeping the solar chargers continuously on the car dashboard can also create white patches due to air bubbles within the panel.

Can mPowerpad solar kits charge and store solar energy?

mPowerpad solar kits do not have a built-in battery so it needs to be paired with a power bank, laptop charger or mobile device for direct charging.

Besides mPowerpack laptop chargers, can mPowerpad Xpand solar kit charge other power banks?

Yes it can charge power banks with input voltages of between 15–24V using the same port as the DC cable provided in the box. It can also charge power banks via the USB port.

Is mPowerpad Xpand solar kit weather-resistant?

The solar kit is designed to be resistant to light rain and dust. However, to protect it from exposed to the elements, do zip up the compartment containing mPowerpack laptop charger while charging. Also please do not submerge the solar panels in water.

How do I decide which solar kit to choose?

mPowerpad Xtend solar kit is used for charging USB devices such as power banks, smartphones and tablets. While mPowerpad Xpand solar kit is used for charging laptop chargers and USB devices.

Are mPowerpack power banks

mPowerpack power banks are not water- or dust- resistant as they contain exposed ports. Hence it is not advisable to leave them docked inside the solar charger for extended durations under the sun.

What connectors are provided in the mPowercard?

The mPowercard comes with a micro USB cable/connector to charge Android smartphones and a lightning connector to charge iPhones. For best results, please purchase an MFI certified connector separately.

Specific to mPowerpack 25 & 50

What power adaptors work with mPowerpack 25 or 50?

A standard-USB-to-micro-USB cable has been provided in the box – this can be connected with any standard USB adaptor. For best results, purchase the power adaptor from Third Wave Power, or a good quality adaptor with a 5.3V/2A output specification.

How does mPowerpack 25 or 50 get charged by mPowerpad 2 Lite, Xplore or Pro?

mPowerpack can be docked into mPowerpad 2 Lite, Xplore and Pro solar charger (available separately) and get charged from the sun, wall or computer. When there is no sunlight, with DarkCharge, mPowerpack will get charged by mPowerpad 2’s internal batteries. While charging, both mPowerpack and mPowerpad 2 need to be switched on.

What devices does mPowerpack laptop charger charge?

Laptops, mobile/smart phones, tablets, digital cameras (non SLR), GPS devices, MP3 players and other USB devices.

How many devices can I charge at any one time?

One laptop from the DC output and two other devices from the two USB ports.

Can I charge mPowerpack laptop charger from a laptop?

No, you have to use the power adaptor provided.

How will I know if mPowerpack laptop charger is compatible with my device voltage?

mPowerpack laptop chargers can charge any device with discrete voltages as indicated in the technical specifications, as long as the currents needed at these voltages are within the limits provided by the product. Voltage and amp output combinations vary depending on the devices connected.

What laptop brands does it charge?

Lenovo, HP, Dell Sony, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba and NEC

What laptop brands does it NOT charge?

Apple MacBooks, as well as laptops such as workstations.

What should I do if the adaptor head suitable for my laptop is not included in the box?

Adaptor heads are provided for almost all the laptops/ devices that mPowerpack laptop charger charges. Try getting a DC adaptor pin from the store or the manufacturer and use that to charge your device from mPowerpack laptop charger.

Can I replace the batteries in the mPowerflash emergency kit?

The batteries are re-chargeable lithium ion batteries with an estimated 300 charge cycles and should be able to last 2–3 years under normal use. The batteries cannot be replaced once they run out.

Are mPowerflash emergency kits waterproof?

mPowerflash devices are certified IPX6 water resistant and can withstand light rain. However they cannot be submerged under water.


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