Channel EMEA: Third Wave Power ready to shine at DISTREE EMEA

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Third Wave Power will look to raise the profile of its mPowerpad 2 solar charger at DISTREE EMEA this week. VS Hariharan, co-founder and CEO at Third Wave Power, said: “We want to get mPowerpad 2, the world’s most versatile solar charger, in front of as many retailers and distributors as possible to drive interest and introduce the product to EMEA markets. We will also use DISTREE EMEA to build awareness and get media coverage for the product.”

“We want distributors to know about this new category of solar chargers, which has the promise and potential to take solar into the mainstream market,” he added. “We see a growing population of portable devices demanding more power both on-grid and off-grid. With more people carrying devices and going off-grid for work or recreation, there is a growing demand for a portable charger that will keep them productive on their devices.”

Third Wave Power is committed to selling through the channel and believes there are significant growth opportunities in Central and Southern Europe for the mPowerpad 2.

“It is a new category, with very little competition and sizeable incremental revenue for channels,” continued Hariharan. “The product is built to be of the highest quality and has many multi-function features not seen in other solar chargers.” Third Wave Power plans to introduce numerous accessories for the product alongside marketing and demand generation activities.

“Our channel programme is a two-tier structure in many countries, with a distributor and then a reseller or retailer. We offer competitive margins for both tiers – the margin levels depend on the services delivered,” said Hariharan. “We provide a range of marketing tools like datasheets; catalogues; POS display stands, videos and website materials.”

“We will partner with retailers as needed on push activities, through their fliers, demonstration day activities, promoters and key event promotions. We will also be doing our own demand generation programme through online and social media, mailings and tradeshows, where we can drive the final purchase through our in-country partners,” he added.

With devices being more portable and batteries not keeping up with needs of people going off-grid, the potential for mPowerpad 2 is significant, according to Third Wave Power. Headquartered in Singapore, the company has manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and a wealth of consumer channel experience. “Products are designed with the highest quality in mind and certified to international standards,” concluded Hariharan.

Selling points of the mPowerpad 2 include:
1) Just over one hour of sun* charges an iPhone, as fast as plugging into the wall
2) Versatile 3-way charging from sun, wall or USB
3) More charging power – expandable from 3300 mAh to 11600 mAh
4) mPowerpack pocket battery pack lets you charge, remove and carry around
5) Built-in radio, light and insect repellant
6) Rugged, water and dust resistant

*Charge times may depend on weather conditions


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