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Ken Hansen
United States

Charged up for a trip exploring the world
It was a great feeling to walk out with a new mPowerpad 2 Xplore; same features as the original mPowerpad plus a removable battery charger and sleeve to put the mPowerpad in. Well, almost the same features. Instead of tilt control, there are now buttons on top and on the sides. Instead of bug repellant, there’s an SOS feature. I was very happy! We plan on using our new mPowerpad 2 Xplore for the remainder of our trip and beyond!

National Tactical Officers Association
United States

Recommended backup power for law enforcement officers
I was really impressed with this product and strongly recommend it. This device could be used on callouts, at home, camping, hiking or any other time you need a power source. While I was testing this product, a thunderstorm caused a power outage and the mPowerpad 2 Lite came in handy. I would definitely take this with me on callouts. It would be an excellent way to have a backup power source for a phone or GPS if you’re conducting rural tracking operations, surveillance or large-scale area searches. The bottom line is this is a solid product with endless uses. I found it very useful and strongly recommend it.

Marisa Torres
United States

Handy power for road trip in Morocco
I have used this product in a number of environments and it worked well every time. On a road trip in Morocco, we passed the removable battery pack to people in the back of the car so they could charge their phones while we left the primary unit on the dashboard to charge itself in the sun and charge our phones at the same time. Again, it worked efficiently. I like how lightweight the unit is and so far it seems pretty durable. Overall, I’m very pleased with this product and looking forward to taking it on more outdoor and travel adventures!

Willy Tan
Outdoor store manager


Power on the road in Mongolia
Before my recent trip to Mongolia with X-Trekkers, I was fazed about powering my mobile devices while on the move. Thanks to the clean and reliable solar power provided by mPowerpad, I was able to stay in touch with my family, take beautiful photos and read the latest news.

Koh Huey Min
Teacher, Marsiling Secondary School

Helping a village with limited power supply
We took some units of mPowerpad on our school’s recent field trip to rural areas of Batam, Indonesia. We gave two units to the principal of the village school as well as the village head and showed them how to use the device, which may be useful to a community with limited power supply. The users found the light function most useful and were intrigued by the insect repellant function. We also took some time to show them how to operate the ‘no-button’ mechanism which they found amusing.

Martin Staub
Consultant and investor


A reliable and helpful expedition tool
I used mPowerpad extensively as I travelled across nine West African countries recently. I frequently used it to recharge our mobile phones and it was excellent. The lights worked well and the mosquito repellant provided good protection every night. It was also great to have the radio fill our trip with awesome African sounds. Overall, it’s a very reliable and helpful expedition tool.

Nanette Bell
Guest house owner


Great for camping and travelling
I like the mPowerpad. It’s fun to use solar energy to charge my devices and listen to the radio. I definitely want an mPowerpad if I spent a significant amount of time in a place with no reliable access to the power grid. I think the mPowerpad is a robust, versatile device that will be great to have when camping and travelling to other countries.

Wilfred Tok
Founder and Director, Mountain Torq


Charges devices at high altitudes
My work involves running a mountaineering training centre on Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, which is 4095m above sea level. I use mPowerpad when I am out climbing or conducting training with my staff on the harsh alpine plateau. I love how it enables me to charge my mobile phones and camera batteries when I have no access to power at such high altitudes.

Jimmy Thia
Diving enthusiast

Really useful during diving trip
I found mPowerpad very useful during my recent diving trip to Papua New Guinea. I used it to charge my mobile phone as well as GoPro camera which was used to shoot underwater videos. At night, I would use the built-in light to do some reading. In the day, I would leave mPowerpad on the boat deck to charge — which takes just about 4 hours. After that, I could use it to charge my electronic devices pretty efficiently.

Jonathan How
Executive Director, World Refugee


Handy in places where there is no power
I often go to rural and remote places for humanitarian relief work. Hence a device like mPowerpad comes in handy in such places where there is no power. The lighting functions are the most useful, and the radio function is a bonus. It will be great if the device comes with a strap for easy carrying over the shoulder. Overall, I think this is a great device.

Nilesh Jadhav
Program Manager, Energy Research Institute@NTU


A useful, eco-friendly gadget to have on the move
Unlike other solar chargers, mPowerpad is much more robust and effective in meeting energy needs on the go. Its compact design saves the need to pack separate devices when one travels and the multifunction features are really useful in remote areas. Going button-less is a good way to ensure that the device doesn’t get spoilt easily. Overall a useful, eco-friendly gadget to have on the move.


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