Solar Street light 25W

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Solar street light 25W Is a perfect street lighting solutions on poles for off grid locations where wiring and trenching are not available or too expensive to develop. Applications can range from rural street & community lighting, private estate/factory pathway lighting. The product features an integrated design that is not only cost-effective but provides outstanding performance and reliability. It combines a highly efficient solar panel which is connected to a high capacity LFP battery (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate that is perfect for outdoors and long life cycle) and super bright LED light source.

Solar Street Light offers Intelligent features through its sensors. The light sensor automatically turns on the light at sunset and turns off at sunrise. The LED operates at normal level (30% light levels) and turns to bright mode (100% light level) triggered by the motion sensor, when it sense a moving object. It has a large battery capacity and can work continuously over 15 hours on Bright Mode, which is far more than other similar LED available in the market. Aesthetic design of our product is a major plus and complements flexible user functions and applications of the product while not compromising on durability and technology. It comes with x brackets, and easy to install on a pole.

  • Integrated all in one solar street light, ready to install
  • Street light built-in with daylight sensor & motion sensor
  • Batteries are LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) last for 2000 charge cycles, 5-7 years
  • System to caters to 1 day autonomy (in situations where sun is not bright for a day)
  • System is rated IP65 and is weather resistant

Key Specifications:

Solar Street Light : with daylight Sensor & motion sensor
Mono Solar Panel : 50W 18V
LED light : 25W , 1140 lum dim mode, 3250 lum bright mode
Lithium battery : 24AH 12.8V, 2000 charge cycle, 1 day autonomy
Lighting time : 15-30 hours (selectable)


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