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Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


Bitten by the adventure touring bug, Terence Tay quit his lecturer job in early 2014 to take his motorcycle, a BMW GS 800 Adventure, on a three-month long journey through Indo-China. The solo trip – which covered Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia – spanned some 13,000 km in all, taking him through far-flung places and remote border crossings.

“The goal was simple. It’s to show that an ordinary fellow can just pack up his bag and follow his dream, and that despite the turmoil gripping this region, Indochina is less hostile than imagined,” says Terence.

To document his adventure, the budding photojournalist took along devices such as his iPhone, iPad, action cameras as well as mPowerpad 2 Pro solar charger. His journey took him across rice fields, up mountains and into rural villages, where power outages were common. So while riding between two points – often between 6-10 hours in the saddle – Terence would strap mPowerpad 2 onto the back of his bike to charge under the sun. Essentially, this ensured that he would have sufficient power to charge his critical devices at his destination.

Even on days when he was not riding, he would leave the solar charger on the balcony, before using it to charge his devices. “Locals were curious about the solar charger. Even in rural farming areas where solar chargers are used to power television sets and refrigerators, they were amazed at how small and portable mPowerpad 2 is. It made for interesting conversations and was a definite icebreaker!” quips Terence.

So what does Terence like about mPowerpad 2? “Its ease of use and reliability. Once I figured out the dials, using mPowerpad 2 was a cinch. It allowed me to charge my mobile devices on the go and it didn’t disappoint as it did what it promised.”

Post trip, Terence is still using mPowerpad 2 (instead of the wall outlet) to charge his devices at home as it has become much of a habit. It has also made him more conscious of the need to reduce his carbon footprint. He is already looking forward to bringing it on future trips where he will no longer worry about charging his phones and cameras, even in the wilderness.


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