Powering tablet-based tutorials for Filipino village children

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


Earlier this year, Skoolbo and The Patatas – two organisations dedicated to enabling people living in developing communities – came together to help some 40 impoverished Filipino children in Victory Village receive tablet-based tutorials. The tutorial classes are conducted by Tiwala Kids & Communities, a non-profit organisation that works with underprivileged and street children in Legazpi City, Albay in the Philippines.

The tablets are pre-loaded with Skoolbo, an educational application designed to help children learn English and Mathematics through interactive games. In the wake of the devastating typhoon Haiyan, power supply has not yet been fully restored in the village. Taking advantage of the abundant sunshine there, these tablets are instead powered by five mPowerpad 2 solar chargers. Besides keeping the tablets charged and running, mPowerpad 2 also provides a great way for children to learn about the use of sustainable energy.

With no downtime from their tablets, the kids have been making good progress in learning and class participation. By enabling education through digital resources, it goes a little way to help these children step out of poverty. At Third Wave Power, we are glad that energy is not only made good, it also does good.


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