Energy doing good

The sun reaches every corner of the earth, and for that reason, so too should power. Follow our efforts to help empower people in rural communities by providing basic access to the power to learn and work.

Keeping things running in a Thai orphanage

Heavenly Homes Mae Sot

On motorcylist-adventurer Terence Tay’s most recent adventure to northwest Thailand, Third Wave Power sponsored two units of mPowerpad 2 solar chargers to the Heavenly Home orphanage in Mae Sot. Here’s what Terence has to say:

“Thank you Third Wave Power for gifting the mPowerpad 2 to the 60+ orphans of Heavenly Home, Mae Sot, Thailand. It’s a thoughtful gesture. Mr. Thant Zin (the guardian of the children) could hardly contain his joy when he saw the solar cells. It’ll come in very useful whenever there are power outages at the home. The orphanage can now use the portable solar cells to power small electronic items and mobile devices. My partner Cherios Yippo and I are proud to be associated with your company and we share your philosophy in introducing renewable energy to remote parts of the world. We look forward to more innovative products from your company this year.”

Powering tablet-based tutorials for Filipino village children



Earlier this year, Skoolbo and The Patatas – two organisations dedicated to enabling people living in developing communities – came together to help some 40 impoverished Filipino children in Victory Village receive tablet-based tutorials. The tutorial classes are conducted by Tiwala Kids & Communities, a non-profit organisation that works with underprivileged and street children in Legazpi City, Albay in the Philippines.

The tablets are pre-loaded with Skoolbo, an educational application designed to help children learn English and Mathematics through interactive games. In the wake of the devastating typhoon Haiyan, power supply has not yet been fully restored in the village. Taking advantage of the abundant sunshine there, these tablets are instead powered by five mPowerpad 2 solar chargers. Besides keeping the tablets charged and running, mPowerpad 2 also provides a great way for children to learn about the use of sustainable energy.

With no downtime from their tablets, the kids have been making good progress in learning and class participation. By enabling education through digital resources, it goes a little way to help these children step out of poverty. At Third Wave Power, we are glad that energy is not only made good, it also does good.

Making a difference to Tamil Nadu villagers with mPowerpads

Kottaiyur village

In December 2013, Third Wave Power was approached by Ms Angela Sim, Managing Director of Affluence Public Relations to donate 50 units of mPowerpad Lite to villagers in India. To enable this, we worked with local NGO Integrated Village Development Project (IVDP) whose founder Kulandei Francis helped to eradicate the use of kerosene lamps in over 179,000 households over the last few decades.

The recipients of the mPowerpads are village dwellers in Anchetty, Sesurajapuram and Kottaiyur in Tamil Nadu who are typically working in agriculture, small goods shops, tea stalls and eateries, construction, plumbing and carpentry. As the villagers have used solar lights before, they were familiar with using mPowerpad even though it comes with more features. They all own basic mobile phones (that they depend on for their livelihoods) which they can now charge using mPowerpad, in addition to having light at night to work and read.

Here’s what Affluence PR has to say, “Affluence PR is proud to be a donor of Third Wave Power’s mPowerpads to villagers in India. Benefiting 50 families who now have access to power in their hands, it is Affluence PR’s intent to help these families experience the benefit of easy access to electricity. Electricity is an integral part of a society’s development. In lengthening the work day by providing a light source at night, using electricity to minimise mundane tasks, and allowing the village to access to information and education that would otherwise not be possible, it is but one company’s contribution to make the world a better place by making it a brighter place. Providing light to one home at a time and enriching lives, this is Affluence PR’s ongoing contribution to the world we live in.”

Thank you Affluence PR!

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