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mPowerpad 2 solar charger provides plenty of portable solar power for just about any device. So you can go anywhere and get the power you need. To make calls. Take images. Tweet. Surf. Navigate. Do work. Read. Play music. Play games.

mPowerpad 2, power to do more wherever you go.

Mountains hi-res

Reaching new heights in the Himalayan mountains

In December 2013, Rizalde Calija and four other climbing enthusiasts – who formed Team X-Boundaries – embarked on a three week climbing expedition to the Himalayan mountains in Nepal. The trip included a 10-day climb up the 5700m high Yala Peak followed by an 8-day ascent to the 6000m Pisang Peak.

As packing light is essential for any mountaineer, the team carefully selected the items to include in their backpacks. Besides layered warm clothing, communication and navigation devices, power cords and cables, they also took along a unit of 11,600 mAh mPowerpad 2 Pro solar charger – which comes with a removable mPowerpack battery pack – with sufficient battery capacity to charge up to seven smartphones.

Up in the mountains by day, mPowerpad 2 charged up fast under the sun – working well at high altitudes and under freezing temperatures – before it was used to charge the climbers’ various [...]

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