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mPowerpad 2 solar charger provides plenty of portable solar power for just about any device. So you can go anywhere and get the power you need. To make calls. Take images. Tweet. Surf. Navigate. Do work. Read. Play music. Play games.

mPowerpad 2, power to do more wherever you go.

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News release: mPowerpad 2 solar charger receives recommendation from members of National Tactical Officers Association


Singapore, 21 October 2014 – Singapore-based company Third Wave Power Pte Ltd announced today that its mPowerpad 2 Lite solar charger has been tested and recommended by members of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) in the United States.

The NTOA is set up to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel with the goal to improve public safety and domestic security through training, education and tactical excellence.

The NTOA’s ‘Member Tested and Recommended Program’ allows manufacturers to have their products tested in the field by the law enforcement community. Products are tested and scored on a scale of 0–5 in 13 categories including Design, Performance, Quality, Durability and Versatility.

In the evaluation, mPowerpad 2 Lite solar charger had an overall score of 4.2 which puts it in the ‘Very Good’ range as ‘a product that exceeds advertised specifications on a regular basis and outperforms others [...]

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